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For over thirteen years David Shepherd has been providing interior designers with a competitive advantage in their marketplace through networks, events, and publications. You now have a brief ground floor opportunity to claim the one membership in The Edge available in your market. Lock it in while you can, and try it for 90 days. If you're not convinced it will help take you to the next level, we'll happily refund every penny that you spent. 

Includes instant access to a growing archives of audio, video, and print!

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Sole Practitioner?
The Edge Membership focuses on firms with 4+ employees, but many SPs join and find value.

The Edge Newsletter

Written by David Shepherd after weeks of research and based on actual coaching clients and case studies, Principal members receive the 16-page print edition every month. Access to online archives is also instantly available to Principal members, including such topics as:
   * 1-Day Marketing Plan
   * Your 5 Most Critical Cores
   * The Courage to Create
   * Standing Out in a Noisy World
   * The Allure of Scarcity
   * Do Financial Statements Matter?
   * ...and over 50 more in-depth pieces

"I've participated in just about every network David Shepherd has formed over the past ten years. And, I just moved my team of 8 into fabulous new offices. And yes, those two things are directly related!"

—Phil Norman
Norman Design Group

Crossover Strategies Audio

Perhaps the favorite of long-time members, this physical CD turns that lost time in your car into an audio seminar filled with education, entertainment, and inspiration. And yes, we're "with it," so if you want to listen online or download the mp3s, feel free! Don't miss:
   * 8 Ways to Find Wealthy Clients
   * Please Let Your Customers Pay More!
   * The Mind of a Consultant
   * Harnessing Your Inner Tyrant
   * A Century of Marketing to Women
   * Why Decisions are Taking Longer
   * Creating a Cult
   * ...and over 50 more in-depth tracks

"No one has studied our industry with the academic rigor that David Shepherd has applied. Yet he manages to teach critical concepts in a way that is easy to apply, and often downright fun!"

—Carol Little
Corporate Design Group

Live Monthly Online Events

At least once a month, you'll be invited to join David Shepherd and fellow Edge Principal members online or by phone to discuss key topics. In fact, you can submit topics that you'd like to hear discussed. Recent and upcoming topics include:
   * Good and Bad Habits for Designers
   * 1-Day Marketing Plan
   * Contract Elements to Consider
   * Why One Designer Earns 3x Another
   * Is Houzz Worth It? 
   * Marketing to the Affluent
   * The Future of "e-Design" 
   * ...with new topics monthly and some open calls

"My membership has paid for itself many times over, year after year. It was here that I learned the critical concept of moving to the 'front of the bus,' rather than accepting the crumbs." 

—Ashley Astleford
Astleford Interiors

"The only business conference you'll need to attend each year."

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November 10-11, 2017
Fort Worth, TX

For Edge Members Only

ActionMaps Boot Camp

Members of David Shepherd's networks have attended many of the 24 legendary conferences he's held since 2004. Whether in Las Vegas, New York, Cancun or other venues, these unique events were always educational, entertaining, and inspiring.

Now, members of The Edge will enjoy an intimate and serious fall workshop designed to:

   * Confront reality about the prior year's pros and cons;
   * Develop a detailed action plan for the year ahead
   * Learn the top strategies and best practices in play each and every year
   * Network with like-minded business professionals

"It was a sad day when David went back to teaching full time. I'm so excited that his incredible events are coming back!"

"Okay, so maybe I'll have to ride a mechanical bull this year in Fort Worth, but after attending more than 15 of David's live events, I know it will be worth it!"

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Video Tutorial Library

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Monthly Live Calls

 National Surveys

Priority on Coaching

Serious Firm Focus

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