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  • July (Building Your Flywheel; Does Your Email List Miss You?)
  • June (What's your "Origin Story?" Do Postcards Work? No More Riff-raff.)
  • May (How Firms Work; The High Cost of Scope Creep; Suck it Up Buttercup!)
  • April (Time is NOT money; Why ask Why; When Whales Swim Away...)
  • March (Best event idea ever? When to skip the low-hanging fruit. Just okay?)
  • February (Who owns your work? Morning questions. 25 marketing ideas.)
  • January (Will the economy turn downward in 2019...and does matter?)


  • January (Signature Strengths and the War of Art)
  • February (Income v. Wealth and the Power of Pricing)
  • March (The Way of the Wolf) 
  • April (Being Busy, Complexity, Marketing Surges and more...)
  • May (Who is Your Numbers Person?; Complexity, Goal Setting...)
  • June (The Shape of Success; Rekindling Clients; A Balance Sheet Problem...)
  • July (Confronting Reality; 4 Stages of Cash Flow; The Principal of "Set")
  • August (LOA Rules; Pricing Survey Results; Charging More...)
  • September (Holiday Ideas; Postcard Marketing; Taglines; Affluent Buyers...)
  • October (Be Obsessed or Be Average; The One Number; Where Costs Hide...)
  • November (Sensory design; The Danger of Short-term Thinking; a Low-cost Strategy)
  • December (A year in review in a special 20-page edition!)


  • January (The habits of interior designers and how to change them)

  • February (The story of Sally and Joe)

  • March (When a niche is not a niche)

  • April (Your 1-Day Marketing Plan)

  • May (Groundhog day comes to business)

  • June (Commercial, residential, or both?)

  • July (Playing to your strengths)

  • August (Building the "right sized" firm)

  • September (Did the Bodysnatchers get your bookkeeper?)

  • October (2018 Happens Now!)

  • November (We do not publish in November due to annual event)

  • December (Expanded, year-ahead edition coming soon)

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