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Monthly Coaching Call Webinars
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The One Thing!
From the book of that title by Gary Keller, David asks a profound question and talks about how getting big is driven by working "small," and lists the "six lies" that get in the way of our success. 

Mastering Your Flywheel
David explains a very important new strategic concept borrowed from Jim Collins of "Good To Great" fame. It's called the Flywheel and argues that not only must you find your "5 critical cores," but you must understand
the order in which to perform them!

7 Things to Accomplish This Summer!
There is still time to put your foot on the accelerator and meet or exceed all of your goals for the full 2019 year. Here, in one of the most popular coaching calls of the past year, David gives you 7 assignments. 

Time to Update Your Website?
In this call, David described how your strategy and brand are eventually reflected in your financial statements. And if your website is not designed to attract the "right" clients, you can't complain about the bad ones. Numerous awesome websites are shown and described. 

Beware of Landing Your Whale!
Among other topics, David warns that profits must be looked at over a period of years and thus, the added overhead necessary to support that larger than average client can take a toll on profit after the job is done. Plus some LOA comments, time billing, and other member questions. 

Blue Ocean Strategies
Among other topics, David applies the dynamic "Blue Ocean Strategy" to interior design. A high-level business school topic, this framework argues that rather than fight against the competition (red ocean) one can simply make the competition irrelevant! (Blue ocean.)

Presentation Skills
Preliminary results from a national survey leading to David's "4 Continuum" model of moving clients toward a state of "reality" and specific tools being used. 

Is an Economic Downturn Coming? And Would it Matter?
David shares his experience with guiding designers through good times and bad and explains why the larger "macro" economy doesn't really matter to a firm with the proper timeline. 

Capping Edge Membership and Much More!
In this important year-end coaching call, David explained why he is capping edge membership, how members can now get online courses free, and his biggest takeaways from 2018.

A Low Priced Strategy?
Not for everyone, but a low-priced strategy can work for the few seeking differentiation in a competitive niche. Also, getting your "pot of gold," sensory design, and calling on David for help. 

Your Magic Number
What one thing will predict future success? Should you bill hours for merchandise or include that in markups? Can you / should you pay commission to lead-finders? 

Creating a Cult
David discusses the power of using carefully crafted language to differentiate yourself from others and create raving fans!

Your LOA
David discusses the proper role of your Letter of Agreement and offers some "rules" to make it far more beneficial to you.

General Q&A
Flat fee v. hourly billing; how to know when to hire; why you must make your choices simple for your client and more...

Cash Flow Basics
(In this regular Edge Member coaching call, you'll learn how to spot a cash crunch before it hits...and how to ward it off.)

Advanced Marketing Workshop
(Edge members and special guests share insights on the specific marketing strategies that are working best today.)

Complexity: The Killer of Design Firm Profits
(David presents the results of a national survey and Edge members share their experiences with managing complexity.)

The Dark Side of Being Busy!

When to purchase products online for clients who know the price? How to set up Quickbooks Online?How to separate yourself from the pack And more…

More on balancing time billing v. merchandise; Five ways to simplify your business ; What the new tax law means to you (and your clients) And more...

Best balance of time billing v. merchandise sales. Margins and markups. Cash safety net. Ratio of sales per employee. Net profit goals. Using personality profiles to determine your best business models...and more!

Software recommendations for accounting and time billing, project management, CRM, and strategies for catching your "whale!" 

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