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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a credit card to begin membership in The Edge on the 30-day Trial?
No. Use the discount code FREE and the $59 monthly fee will be waived. You'll receive a Welcome Kit with valuable bonus materials, as well as the full privileges of membership for an entire month.  There will be no recurring charges unless you say so.

Q: What happens when I Upgrade from my Trial Membership to a Principal level member of The Edge?
A: When you Upgrade, you'll enter your credit card information and be billed $59. You'll then continue to  receive monthly member materials in the mail, as well as an invitation to a monthly online coaching group, and discounted pricing on many other online and live events. 

Q: What if I upgrade  but then change my mind later and want to cancel my membership? 
A: Memberships are always month to month. You may cancel at anytime and you are free to keep all materials you have received, including during the Trial period. You are also free to upgrade again at anytime, though you may claim only one free Trial Membership. 

Q: If I don't upgrade, what happens after the 30-day Trial ends? 
A: If you don't upgrade and provide credit card information when your trial ends, your membership will automatically lapse. You will still be invited to events that are open to the public at regular pricing levels. You will not receive the print newsletter, audio CD, or be included in the monthly coaching groups.  To upgrade to the Principal level at any time, just log in using your username and password, and follow the prompts. 

Q: I was a Principal level member but let my membership lapse, or my credit card on file was declined. Now, I want to join again. What do I do?
A: In these cases, you have been automatically moved to our Free level where you still receive notifications, but not member materials. You can renew your Principal membership at anytime simply by logging in with your user name and password, and following the prompts. (In essence, you're simply starting a new membership as if from scratch.) You can also contact us at support@edgemembership.com and we'll generate an email invoice for you. 

Q: Is there a fee to attend the Annual Member Conference?
A: Yes. Those fees will be established in the summer each year, but given the members-only nature of the event, we keep our fees as low as possible.  Principal level members of The Edge save hundreds of dollars on their registrations.

Q: How do I update the credit card I have on file for my membership?
A: If you want to change an active credit card on file, log in with your username and password and then click on your name at the top right of the page. This will take you to your Profile page. Scroll down until you see the last 4 digits of your current credit card. Next to that will be the very small words, "Update Credit Card." Click on that and proceed. If your credit card has actually been declined, please see the question above. 

Q: What if I'm interested in one-on-one coaching or consulting services?
A: David tries to make time available each week to hold complimentary phone calls with members of The Edge to discuss these options. To self-schedule a time, please click on the "Coaching" tab from the main menu. (Or click HERE.)

Q: What if I have any other questions?
A: Feel free to email us at any time at support@edgemembership.com. We try to respond within a few hours.

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