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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does the "Wild Apricot" in your domain name come from?

A: We have searched high and low for the best membership management platform. We have even spent a lot of time and money building one of our own. We want the membership experience to be excruciatingly simple for you. After a long hunt, and many dead ends, we settled on a very stable and proven third party platform. Their name happens to be Wild Apricot. You can always access your dashboard at either www.designingprofits.com, or https://the-edge.wildapricot.org. So, if you're wondering who in the world thought of "wild apricot," you'd have to ask them!

Q: How do you maintain the protected market areas for Principal level members?

A: We've been doing this for over a decade, and while there is no perfect approach that would be practical, zip codes have done a good job. Besides, we have found over the years that even designers who are from the same areas work very well together in our events.

Q: Are there ever exceptions to the protected areas awarded to Principal members? 

A: Yes. On occasion we will allow more than one member from a given zip code, and reserve the right to do so. This is generally because the new member is known to us and we know will be a valuable contributor to all other members. 

Q: Is there a fee to attend the Annual Boot Camp?

A: Yes. Those fees will be set in the summer of 2017 and the higher your member level, the deeper the discount. In fact, if you're planning to attend the Retreat, being a member at the Principal level will more than pay for itself. 

Q: Can I print out articles, special reports, and ebooks?

A: Yes. Special reports and ebooks are produced as PDF documents which you can read online, or easily download and print out. Articles appear as web pages, but there are many browser add-ons available that will format them for printing. In all cases, of course, the materials are copyrighted and to be used only by an individual Edge member.

Q: Can I download video tutorials and recordings?

A: No. For purposes of security and copyrights, you can only view streaming videos while online in your member Dashboard.

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